Steve Harmison

Steve Harmison Questions England’s Late Arrival Strategy for India Tour

December 28, 2023 6:54 pm

Steve Harmison, a former England cricketer, has raised serious concerns about the England Test team’s preparation strategy for their upcoming tour of India. With the series commencing on January 25 in Hyderabad, Harmison strongly criticized the team’s decision to arrive in India just three days before the first Test, a decision he believes could severely handicap the team under the leadership of Ben Stokes and coach Brendon McCullum.

Despite England’s recent success in red-ball cricket with an aggressive style of play, Harmison pointed out that the team has yet to face a real challenge in spin-friendly conditions like those in India. According to reports, the team plans to train in the United Arab Emirates before landing in India on January 21st or 22nd. Harmison, expressing his views to TalkSport, was unequivocal in his criticism of this approach.

“If England go in 3 days before, they deserve to get beat 5-0. They really do,” Harmison stated. He emphasized the unchanged nature of the need for thorough preparation in Test cricket, regardless of evolving game strategies. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet.

“I’m an old man, that is what they are going to say, the times have changed, the game has changed, but I tell you, preparation has not changed. You can’t go into India underprepared. In fact, you cannot go India overprepared as well, you can be in India for six weeks before and still not be prepared for that first Test,” he added.

Harmison also reflected on the approach of previous successful England squads in India, particularly the team of 2012 which included renowned players like Kevin Pietersen, Alastair Cook, and Andrew Strauss. He suggested that this team, which had managed to secure a victory in India, would find the current team’s late arrival strategy laughable. “I would love to know what Pietersen, Strauss, Cook, in that great side, the only side that has won there in 2012, what they would think when they hear that England will go to India like three days before the series. I think they would laugh at you,” Harmison remarked.

In his concluding thoughts, Harmison implied that the responsibility for the late arrival strategy in India lies not just with the changing nature of the game, but also with the players themselves.

This criticism from a seasoned former player like Harmison underscores the crucial importance of acclimatization and preparation in Test cricket, particularly in challenging overseas conditions. As the England team prepares for the series, their approach to these challenges will be closely scrutinized. Get free cricket betting tips from Nextbet Sports.