Harmanpreet Kaur

Edulji Expresses Concern over Harmanpreet Kaur’s Umpire Encounter

July 25, 2023 11:31 am

India’s captain, Harmanpreet Kaur, has been making headlines of late, with much attention drawn to her conduct towards the umpires following the conclusion of the India-Bangladesh series. In the third ODI, Harmanpreet faced dismissal with a mere 14 runs on the board, as on-field umpire Tanvir Ahmed adjudged her lbw. Expressing her displeasure, the skipper vented her frustration by knocking over the stumps and engaged in a heated exchange of words with the umpires before making her way back to the pavilion.

After the match ended in a draw, the 34-year-old persisted in calling out the officials, inviting them to join the post-match photo as if implying they played a role in the game’s outcome, just like the Bangladesh team. This behavior, however, did not sit well with former India captain Diana Edulji. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet.

In her column for The Indian Express, Edulji expressed her concern and discomfort at witnessing Harmanpreet Kaur’s actions towards the umpires. She noted that in all her years of watching cricket, she had never seen anyone react in such a manner, deeming it unacceptable.

“It was deplorable to see Harmanpreet call the umpires to pose with the Bangladesh team, suggesting that they were part of the team and playing for them. I have been very disturbed by the visuals from Saturday’s India-Bangladesh women’s game at Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka that ended in a tie,” wrote Diana Edulji.

Edulji further remarked that the Indian team had not been performing up to the expected standards, despite the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) providing them with ample support. She felt that the players were neglecting their responsibilities and behaving more like celebrities than focused athletes. She stressed the need for the BCCI to take action against such behavior.

“What is more worrying is the fact that the team is not performing as per expectations. The BCCI is giving them everything possible. The problem is that these players are playing like stars and not concentrating on their cricket. It is high time the BCCI takes action. Such behavior cannot be accepted,” Edulji emphasized.

In conclusion, Harmanpreet Kaur’s recent actions have sparked controversy and concern within the cricket community. While her frustration with the umpire’s decision may be understandable, her subsequent behavior towards the officials was deemed inappropriate and unsportsmanlike. As a captain, she is expected to lead by example and display the highest standards of sportsmanship and professionalism. 

The BCCI’s support and resources are available to the team, but it is now imperative for the players to focus on their game and fulfill their responsibilities on the field. Cricket is not just about talent and skill; it also requires discipline and a sense of fair play, qualities that must be upheld by all players, especially those in leadership positions. Get the latest updates from the world of cricket only on Nextbet Sports.