‘ODI cricket tests you completely as a batter’ – Virat Kohli

September 4, 2023 9:06 am

Virat Kohli recently revealed his profound affection for the One Day International (ODI) format, extolling its unique ability to comprehensively challenge a player’s multifaceted skills. In a candid conversation, he shed light on the intricate technical demands, strategic decision-making, and unwavering adaptability that this format incessantly demands.

“I love playing ODI cricket. I think for me, ODI cricket is probably the one format that tests your game completely. Your technique, composure, patience, playing the situation, and playing differently in different phases of the game,” Kohli disclosed to Star Sports.

Kohli further elucidated why the 50-over format resonates with him so deeply. He confessed, “I feel the ODI cricket has always brought the best out of me because I like to embrace that challenge and play according to the situation to help my team win. I have always tried to do that, so yeah, as I said, it gives me an opportunity to test myself regularly, all aspects of my batting, and that’s why I really enjoy playing ODI cricket.”

The ability to thrive in diverse situations and adapt swiftly has been a hallmark of Kohli’s career. It’s this adaptability that fuels his passion for ODI cricket, a stage where he can continually fine-tune his craft. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet. 

Conversely, former cricketer Mohammad Kaif weighed in on Kohli’s stellar performances, notably in high-pressure encounters against Pakistan. Kaif lauded Kohli’s exceptional prowess in the art of chasing, singling out his monumental contributions during the T20 World Cup in Australia.

“Absolutely, in my opinion, his performance in Australia at the T20 World Cup, against Pakistan, he played magnificently,” Kaif praised. “He takes full responsibility and is a chase master. The form that he had in that World Cup was because of his performances in the Asia Cup (2022), starting from that century he hit against Afghanistan.”

Kaif, with an astute cricketing eye, emphasized that Kohli’s command over the Pakistani bowlers, gained from recent encounters, could make him an even more formidable adversary. “Virat Kohli will be very dangerous against Pakistan,” he concluded, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the electrifying showdowns to come. Kohli’s love for the ODI format and his mastery in pressure situations continue to make him a force to be reckoned with on the cricketing stage. Get free cricket betting tips from Nextbet Sports.