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Prakhar Chaturvedi’s Record-Breaking 404* breaks Yuvraj Singh’s 24-year-old record

January 16, 2024 2:15 am

Karnataka’s Prakhar Chaturvedi etched his name in cricket history during the summit clash of the Cooch Behar Trophy against Mumbai. Chaturvedi’s extraordinary unbeaten innings of 404 runs from 638 deliveries is not just a personal achievement but a monumental moment in Indian domestic cricket history.

The young batting sensation, opening the innings for Karnataka, showcased a masterclass in batting endurance and skill. His knock, studded with 46 fours and three sixes, is a testament to his exceptional talent and temperament. 

This remarkable feat marked him as the first player ever to score 400 runs in the final of the Cooch Behar Trophy, setting an unprecedented benchmark in the tournament’s storied history. It also broke Yuvraj Singh’s 24-year-old record for the highest score in Cooch Behar Trophy Final. Yuvraj scored 358 against Bihar in 1999, a match that also featured a young MS Dhoni. Follow your favourite cricket team with attractive betting odds from Nextbet. 

Karnataka’s batting dominance was further highlighted as they amassed an imposing total of 890 runs for the loss of eight wickets across 223 overs. The innings was bolstered by another centurion, Harshil Dharmani, who contributed a solid 169 runs, demonstrating the depth of Karnataka’s batting lineup.

Despite a challenging start where Karnataka conceded 380 runs to Mumbai in the first innings, the tide turned dramatically in their favor, thanks to Chaturvedi’s monumental knock. Mumbai’s opening batsman Ayush Mhatre’s commendable 145-run innings initially set a challenging pace. However, Karnataka’s bowlers, led by Hardik Raj with four wickets and supported by Samit Dravid, Samarth N, Agastya S Raju, and Dheeraj Gowda, managed to contain the opposition.

Prakhar Chaturvedi’s epic innings not only nullified the early advantage held by Mumbai but also shifted the momentum decisively in Karnataka’s favor. With a massive lead of 510 runs, Karnataka declared on the fourth day. The match concluded in a draw by mutual consent, but Karnataka’s substantial first-innings lead clinched them the prestigious Cooch Behar Trophy title.

Chaturvedi’s historic 404* is a performance that will be remembered as a defining moment in Indian cricket, particularly in the realm of domestic tournaments like the Cooch Behar Trophy. His innings underlines the depth of cricketing talent in India and the bright future that awaits young players like him. 

Chaturvedi’s innings is not just about the numbers; it’s a story of determination, focus, and the sheer will to succeed against formidable opponents. His record-breaking feat in the final has set a high standard for upcoming players and has certainly made him a player to watch out for in the future.

Karnataka’s triumph in the Cooch Behar Trophy, led by such an extraordinary individual performance, adds a golden chapter to their cricketing history. It serves as an inspiration to young cricketers across the nation, demonstrating the heights that can be achieved with talent, hard work, and a never-say-die attitude.

As celebrations begin for Karnataka, the cricketing fraternity will no doubt be keenly following Prakhar Chaturvedi’s career, anticipating more such stellar performances from this promising young talent. Get free cricket betting tips from Nextbet Sports.