Red Bull Dominates F1 Season with Strong Performance: Horner Cautions Rivals Could Still Catch Up

May 12, 2023 10:59 am

Red Bull Racing has been dominating the 2022 Formula One season so far, with drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez securing four one-two finishes, only narrowly missing out on another due to a qualifying issue for Perez in Australia. Team principal Christian Horner believes the team has made the expected progress from their 2021 car, while competitors such as Mercedes and Ferrari have failed to keep up.

Horner remarked, “We feel that we’ve made a good step from RB18 into 19, but the kind of step that you would expect. I think it’s more that it feels like others have lost ground.” However, he cautioned that other teams are working hard to address their shortcomings and could potentially catch up soon, especially with the upcoming round of upgrades in Imola.

Verstappen emphasized that the team’s success is due to their superior long-run performance, although Ferrari often performs well in qualifying. “I think we have a decent advantage, especially in the race,” said the Dutchman. “That race pace advantage, I think is quite big at the moment. But yeah, it’s not like the others are bringing new bits, and we’re just standing still, right? So hopefully, we can just keep it going like we’re doing now.”

Red Bull’s recent dominance is impressive, especially considering the strong competition they have faced in recent years. Horner acknowledges that other teams may be able to catch up soon, but the current results are a testament to Red Bull’s hard work and innovation. The next race in Imola will be crucial in determining whether other teams can catch up to the Red Bull juggernaut or whether they will continue their dominant streak throughout the rest of the season. Stay updated on F1 news and betting with Nextbet