Jude -Bellingham

Renowned football figures back Bellingham for future Ballon d’Or success

September 21, 2023 10:27 am

In the world of football, Jude Bellingham is fast emerging as a name to watch out for. With endorsements from former football legends, Rio Ferdinand and Jason Cundy, the Real Madrid starlet is being tipped for Ballon d’Or glory in the years to come.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live, Rio Ferdinand expressed his belief that Jude Bellingham could achieve the remarkable feat of winning the Ballon d’Or multiple times in his career. Ferdinand emphasised Bellingham’s exceptional talent and how he compares favourably to iconic midfielders like Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, and Paul Scholes. Follow your favourite football team with attractive La Liga odds from Nextbet. 

Ferdinand remarked, “He is going to be pitted against people like Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, and I would say right now, comfortably, that none of those players were doing anything like what he’s doing at this age and that’s the yardstick. So, he can go on and win Ballon d’Ors. I’ll be very surprised if this kid doesn’t finish his career with at least one, maybe two or three Ballon d’Ors because I think he’s that good.”

Furthermore, Rio Ferdinand highlighted Bellingham’s exceptional mindset, particularly his ability to perform at the highest level from the outset. He praised the young talent’s performances for Real Madrid, noting that becoming the standout player in his first few games with the club is nothing short of phenomenal.

“There’s been players who stand out ability-wise maybe the same or a bit more than him, and you could argue the case either way. But I don’t think there’s been, which I think is the most important part of it, that one that has come out with the mentality that this kid has to do what he’s doing. To go to Real Madrid and be the best player in his first four or five games is phenomenal, unheard of,” Ferdinand added.

Jude Bellingham’s journey with Real Madrid has been nothing short of sensational. He has already netted five goals in as many games for the club and provided valuable assists. Bellingham’s versatility and impactful contributions on the field have caught the attention of fans and experts alike.

Former Chelsea star Jason Cundy also joined the chorus of praise for Bellingham. On talkSPORT, Cundy bestowed the young prodigy with a new nickname, calling him “Jude Ballon d’Or.” Cundy firmly believes that Bellingham’s incredible talent will lead him to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or in the future.

Cundy declared, “Jude Ballon d’Or. That’s what he should be known as. Because that boy is going to win the Ballon d’Or at some stage. He is that good. This kid has got the lot.”

While Bellingham may not secure the Ballon d’Or this year, with Lionel Messi and Erling Haaland among the frontrunners, the football world eagerly anticipates the rise of Jude Bellingham as a future contender for this prestigious award. His remarkable skills, combined with unwavering determination, have placed him firmly on the path to footballing greatness. Get the latest updates from the La Liga only on Nextbet Sports